Pakistan has never been accepted by India .They created issues to  attack on neighbour country .

Kashmir has been a very big issue for Indian since many years .When Pakistan became a separate homeland and Quaid-e-azam became first president and Liaquat Ali khan became first prime minister both Jinnah and Liaquat ali khan want to kept good relationships between both countries and also wanted to stop inadequate relationships between Pakistan and India .They both did revolutionary work to kept good relationship to India .

Quaud-e- Azam declared Kashmir  jugular vein of Pakistan..Pakistan and India fought war in 1948.. it was the war which Pakistan succeeded in battle field but got defeat in the dialogue table.India put pressure on UN to do negotiations and at last Pakistan was defeated on the table   .


In 1958 field Marshal Ayub Khan was assumed as first military dictator and second president of Pakistan.In 1965 India declared war ,India wanted to preponderated in Lahore ,they wanted to attack on Pakistan .Their officers claimed that they will do breakfast in Lahore  ,But as they wanted it didn’t happen.

General Ayub khan addressed to the nation regarding this war which declared on 6 Sep ,1965.This conflict became known as second kashmir war fought between two countries over the challenging situation of Kashmir .

 He addressed to the nation

I am going to address you on matter which are both solemn and series .It’s vital  that you should listen to them carefully understand them correctly so as to be able to out constructively as in correct actions lies the salvation of us all our future generations .”

A enthusiasm for saving motherland was  into the soldiers .They wanted to save the country for not worrying thier lives .India desperately wanted to destroy Muslims,but their was a self-assurance and self-believe in Allah .

India didn’t know about to which nation they wanted to fight ,this nation has courage to defeat them .The war was not only won by soldiers enthusiastic reaction but also nations loyalty and sincerity and sacrificed work for our motherland and their faith in difficult situation of the country

In 1965 war India crossed borders of Pakistan  without declaration of War .At that time Pakistani nation was full of arrousement.In 1965 war Shaheen forces’s city Sarghoda which was a little far from city Laliyan ,the people of this city set Historic example .

Sarghoda Airbase Commander officer explains ,

In the days of war for the safety of airbase extra Army soldiers came to protect it ,there was need of bed for those commander officers .In one of Sarghoda;s Masjid ,a Masjid’s imam announced : There is need of bed if someone have so please bring with us and help soldiers .I thought if we get few beds it will be enough for us ,But with in hour people brought many beds with them ,i didn’t expect this from people .PAF had full of people and cars .Everyone had new beds .We took some of them as we needed ,them remaining people was in anger ,if you have not need of it so we also won’t take it back with us .When i sae their engender and sincerity ,tears flew from my eyes .I thought if this nation has such courage and enthusiasm so no other world’ strength   can defeat them .”

There was another example set in 1965 War ,mostly people didn’t know about that .then soldiers needed blood ,there was very weird example set .The long line of people stood in front of blood bank .Every Person had  a spirit for to do something .

India launched her humiliating undeclared and blatant aggression on Pakistan .Pakistani People accepted behind their Army forces .This was a source of strength and inspiration .India attacked against Pakistan was held and beaten bank with heavy looses to the attackers .

Indian Forces were more in numbers ,they had more tanks and weapons Pakistani Forces were in less numbers and weapons .India attacked at Lahore with 50,000 soldiers but Pakistani soldiers had more heroism and spirit  for yielding  for the sake of country .They had apparition for martyrdom .

On August ,1965 between 26,000 to 33,000 soldiers crossed the lie of control dressed as Kashmir’s locals headed for various with in Kashmir .The war continued till 17 days .Our brave soldiers defeated Indian soldiers .A lot of Soldiers martyred in War of 1965 .It was a time when not just our brave soldiers but the whole nation was into the container of a crumbling unit to defend our motherland and mystify them and made them retrieve on all fronts .

This undeclared war broke from 6 sep 1965 and lasted until a un-brokered ceasefire on 6 sep 22 1965.As Pak army fought with in superable willpower at chawinda chumb ,sialkot sectors .India attacked in Lahore area aat 0630 on 6 sep ,Indian Army had much power and sin to one strength to fight over the Pakistan Army .Indian Army having 867,ooo soldiers of including (Indian army ,Indian Air force ,Indian Navy )as compared to Pakistan soldiers just 101,000 including (Pakistan army ,Pakistan Air force ,Pakistan Navy) with strong ,spirited and professional soldiers.As Pak soldiers were fighting with the sovereignty where Pak navy didn’t lag behind in engaging Indian flotilla and bombarded Indian rader station .Pak army’s courageous journey won’t be forgotten .They gave their exceptional bravery and Pak army and Pak navy rose to the occasion ever ready to perform ait’s national commitment of defending the sea -frontier of Pakistan .

The vital role of Pak-Navy was to secure control of an area of the sea from eneemy ships from approaching the coast and impede with the trade and commerce .At that time Ghazi was only submarine that Pak-Navy in 1965 .The PN submarine was deployed off bombay to look after heavy unit of Indian Navy .

As i described Pak-Army and Pak-Navy extra ordinary sacrifices ,Now we will define about PAK AIR FORCE .Pak air force trained to perfection by Air Marshal Asghar khan and led ably by commanders at every level ,the much larger (IAF_ in 6 sep 1965.)

Muhammad Mahmood Alam

We can’t forget the sacrifices of (Muhmmad Mahmood Alam ) M.M.Alam is known as little little dragon for his actions during Indo-Pak War of 1965.During this War he was involved in various dogfight ,he is officially credited fighters six of them are hunters of the Indian Air force in air to air combats ,5 of them in less than a minute he was the hero of 1965  War and No Pakistani can forget their forfeitures

We can’t forget their undefined renunciation  , for their beloved homeland .As many soldiers martyred  but few of them were awarded by  NISHAN-I-HAIDER  which was very big award of Pak army. Those are :

  • Army Officers ,Captain Sarwar shaheed
  • Major Tufail shaheed
  • Major Aziz Bhatti Shaheed
  • Major Shabir Sharif Shaheed
  • Major Muhammad Akram Shaheed
  • Lains naik Rashid Minhas Shaheed

They gave oblation for their motherland .We salute to all our  brave Soldiers .If we observe spirit in nation in 2015 .There are lot of Questions are raising in my mind .

Do we have spirit like 1965 War ?

Do we have exceptional bravery for doing something ?

Spirit and enthusiasm is very far from these things .there are lot of people in Pakistan ,which have positive mindset for India .

Is this true ? and why ?

Can’t we remember those spirit ,which our people and soldiers had in 1965 and they sacrificed their lives and gave exceptional bravery for their beloved motherland

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Mostly people   of Pakistan,actually don’t know that .


Manto ,the real name is “ SAADAT HASSAN MANTO “.

Saadat hassan Manto was a Pakistani short story writer and Screen play writer ,He was born in samrala ,Ludhiana district on 11 May 1912.He was a popular short story writer of the Urdu Language .He was superlative writer of all the time 

Early age

His  peculiar  work  corroborate his hard , messianic and  vehemence work  matchless,he kept written day and night because he had belief ,confidence, credence and conviction to his self .These tools of self assurance took him to his doom .One day came in his life which was proven for his career as a turning point of his success.This turning point came in his life in 1933 when he was at age of 21 ,when he met ” Abdul Bari Alig” , a scholar and polemic writer .

He translated famous English writer Victor Hugo’s  novel “THE LAST DAY OF CONDEMNED MAN “

which was published by urdu book stall ,Lahore as Sargasso-e-Aseer ( A Prisoner’s story ) .Later he joined editorial staff of masawat .In february 1934 he graduated from “Aligarh Muslim University” and soon got Writer’s association which was known as “Indian progressive writer’s Association(IPWA) .

After joining that Association .He met Ali Sardar Jafri. and learnt more techniques of writing ,he wrote his second story which named as “INQLAAB PASAND ”  which was published in Aligarh magazine in 1935 .

Along with writing on different topics he also wrote scripts for Hindi films like “Kishan kanhaya ” and ” Apni nagariya ” .

After this struggle in  his career. On  26 April 1939 ,he married to Safia .Tim by time he became intellectual writer ,He also wrote plays for radio .His famous radio plays are

  • Aao(COME)
  • Manto ka drama(Manto’s Drama)
  • Janaza(funeral)
  • Teen Aurten(three women)
  • Dhuhan(smoke)

His collection of short stories ,a mixture of Afsane and Drame   inspired not only his country’s people but also Hindu writers .In end days he deteriorated from very overwhelm   financial problems .In very young age he looked very hoary ,his complexion became pale and his hair turned grey because of  alcoholism .He died on 18 JAN ,1955  at very early age .On JAN 18 2005 ,he was awarded nishan-i-imtiaz by the Government of Pakistan .

From his whole life we learnt that if we have self-assurance ,self-possession so we  can get our doom by facing any difficulties or troubles.

As we are observing many Pakistani movies are releasing in every month .We saw 6 movies hace released in August ,2015 .Two on Eid-ul-fitar ,Two in mid of August and Four on Independence Day and almost all are getting remarkable success .

Another movie will going to be release on Sep ,2015 ,which named as ” MANTO “

As i already delineated you about Manto’s life .This film based on famous Pakistani short story writer “SAADAT HASSAN MANTO “.This film acquaintances about manto’s life .

Now we perceive that ,day by day our directors ,producers ,writers are precipitating and doing very unique work for reviving of their industry .Manto is the new face their work hard ,Making of these type of movies based on  Famous Pakistani personalities actually to show all over the world ,there are lot of famous personalities including Writers ,singers ,Cricketers ,boxers ,philosophers and authors which were very well-known because of thier serving ,great achievements for their beloved country .

Manto ,the film euphemisms the beauty of Pakistani writers .he was not only writer but also very good artists ,drama scripter and film scripter .

This film,not only explains just a writer’s life ,also explains a Muslim culture ,tradition,language before partition and the era’s of 20th century .Manto film emphasizes 

“How is the writer’s life ??”

From passing many difficult roots ,they get their attainments and goals .

Sarmad Sultan khusat are playing Manto’s role ,this film directed by khusat himself ,produced by Babar javed, written by Shahid Nadeem. It also rendered his relationship with famous singer Noor Jehan .

This film will going to be release on 11 sep 2015 after sixty years of Manto’s death .

Leading Cast of film  are :

  • Sarmad Sultan Khusat as Manto
  • Sania Saeed as Safia /wife of Manto
  • Saba Qamar as Noor Jehan
  • Mahira Khan as Madaran/Jugular
  • Shamoon Abbasi as Talochan Singh
  • Faisal Qureshi
  • Hina Khawaja Bayat
  • Nimea Bucha
  • Savera Nadeem
  • Adnan Jaffar
  • Nadia Afghan
  • Irfan Khusat
  • Afraz Rasool

After view of this we hope so this movie will hit the cinema and win many hearts .People will appreciate this type of work because this fils is very unique and different from comparison of other movies .

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 “Independence day”  is  just not only to celebrate as an occasion ,not to wear new dresses ,not just to attend Independence day functions ,not just to listen National songs ,not just to capture pictures and post on social media,not to show people that How much you celebrate this day .

On 68th Anniversary of Independence Day .If we ask Question from ourself.What did we give to this Country ?What are we delivering to this Country ,from which our country  progress ? We are in our own  profession how much honestly work  are we doing for this  country ?Youm-e-Azadi

In this Era if we examine the ailment of our country ,so we perceive that Pakistan is suffering from various impediment.Pakistan has been deteriorating from very detrimental terrorism for the last 20 years.Indian has been involving in those terrorist attacks for the last 20 years ,which happened in different cities of Pakistan ,in those terrorist attacks thousands of unimpeachable people died .

Apart from  all those extremist activities  which Indian Government did and to know  that India is a menacing enemy of Pakistan ,So why some folks of Pakistan support them ? Why do people listen Indian songs ? Why are they compassionate of watching Indian Movies,Indian dramas ? Don’t Our Country’s people aware of all those zealot vigorous actions of Indian Government ??

In strenuous enigma ,it’s very  unchallengeable for Pak Army  to  inaugurate peace in those areas of Pakistan ,where monumental amount of casualties happened .

Now question raises that Why did Pakistan reach at damaging verge of edge ?? They stabbed in their own Country’s back .They are reprobate of their own Country .The success in establishing peace was only possible ,when good government governs the country and honest leadership of chief of Army ruled the Pak Army .If we say there was a big hand of Pak Army  in substantiate tranquility ,so it’s not wrong .

download (5)


After 16 December  2014 Army Public School attack ,150 innocent students martyred.Terrorist killed   irreproachable children very brutality .Every person of Whole nation was very gloomy .But in  the starting of 2015 and till now every citizen saw a good change in decline in terrorist attacks in majority areas of Pakistan .Our Pak Army Got succeed in establishing and maintaining peace .

 Apart from this we found that our young Army men always give his hand to this beloved  Country .In every difficult situation they always  alleviate people ,either in flood ,earthquake or in  any inconvenient incident .But the fact is that our some media personalities and Political wings discourage them .They are always against them .Actually they don’t want to see prosperous Pakistan .

As a Pakistan we aren’t doing such thing for our Country ,which can bring prosperity in our country .We can at least support our Pak Army as a patriotic Pakistani citizen .We should always encourage them .

  As a Good Pakistani ,if we look at our selves .Every person in his/her profession either He/she belongs to any profession .For Example he/She is a teacher ,doctor,lawyer ,generalist ,anchor,reporter or they belongs to any government institution .Their responsibilities are not just only to do work or earn money .Their responsibilities are, are they  earning  money from good way ?Are they earning very honestly ?Are not they giving bribe or taking bribe ?.Every Person if he/She works dishonestly in their profession ,they are not patriotic  to their country.

In this Modern Era of media,there are many private channels .But few channels are working patriotically .Most anchors are not doing honestjournalism   ,few anchors are doing very appreciative work like “Mubashir Luqman ” ,” Doctor Shahid Masood “, ” Ahmed Quershi “.They are doing very responsible journalism  .

mubashir-luqman-announced-to-resign-from-journalism-as-protestdr-shahiddownload (6)

As a respectful citizens ,this is our responsibility that ,to raise awareness in people that Indian who is a big enemy of Pakistan ,it can’t be our good friend so we should do such things .

  • We should strictly boycott dramas,Movies all Indian stuff
  • As a Pakistan we should raise awareness in our Country by writing articles about Patriotism .
  • From this awareness ,Curiosity will develop in people to do patriotic work ,and responsibility will augment in people for their beloved Country.
  • So Be Patriotic ,Because it’s all about our Country’s safety
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  • waar-posterdownload
    •  1) Waar
    • 2) Main hoon Shahid Afridi

    These two films came and got succeed in attaining headway .They earned good business on box office .New directors and producers ,and actors and actresses   showed their talent .

    There was a big reason of success of Bilal Lashari’s film Waar that mostly people galvanize by Hollywood movies ..”Waar ” got enormous success other than movie “Main hoon shahid afridi “.

    After getting gigantic success we come to the year 2014 .In 2014 there is another list of movies which was released .

    1) Jalibee

    2)Na Maloom Afrad

    3) Operation o21

    4) Dukhtar

    download (1) download (2) download (3) download (4)

  • But the important thing i noticed in film “Jalibee ” and ” Na Maloom Afrad ”  Main Hoon Shahid Afridi ” an item numbers showed ,which threw away very bad impact on viewers .Minority people stimulated those item numbers ,But majority didn’t like and invigorate an item numbers  .Because in those movies dressing of item girls   “Mehwish Hayat “  and Zaly Sarhadi ”  was very vulgar .
  • After the view of 2013 and 2014 and the astonishing success of those movies Can you say that ? Is the item numbers success story of Pakistani films or not ??Not by the public point of view but also the Television celebrities Commented on these item numbers .They said that our directors showed such things which threw away very bad impact on young Generations

    Hamza Ali Abbasi Talked About The Item Number Controversy

  • Untitled50
  • In my point of view ,releasing of these type of movies actually the copying of Indian Movies .This is not our part of culture which they are showing ,From these item numbers  directors are promoting salacious ,smutty ,offensive societyBut the point is that ,Our people really like or dislike these vulgarity .The answer is may be yes or may be not .But You can say that may be yes these vulgar movies are success story of Pakistani Movies .

    But i want to ask these Film makers .Why they are copying Indian Stuff ,However they have ability to Make good stuff not copying stuff .They have their own identity ,they can make movies on Good topics .

  • Now Come to the year 2015 .On Eid-ul-Fiter “Bin Roye” and  “Wrong No” was released .“Bin Roye ” hum films and based on  Famous and Fabulous writer  “Farhat Ishtiyaq ” Novel “Bin Roye Ansoo”.This films is getting much attraction to the viewers ..and another film ” Wrong No ” which is also good films but it’s getting lesser attention to the viewers because of item song and ribald dialogue .wrong-no-14-370x240

    Now Come to the month august .there are new list of movies which are going to be release on 13 August ,

    1) Moor

    2) Dekh Magr Pyar Sy

    3) Yalgaar

    4) Shah

    We hope so that these movies will also get people’s attention and get more and more amazing success ,they will do good business on ” Independence Day ” .these directors ,producers will rise Pakistan’s name all over the world .

    images (1)

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