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    •  1) Waar
    • 2) Main hoon Shahid Afridi

    These two films came and got succeed in attaining headway .They earned good business on box office .New directors and producers ,and actors and actresses   showed their talent .

    There was a big reason of success of Bilal Lashari’s film Waar that mostly people galvanize by Hollywood movies ..”Waar ” got enormous success other than movie “Main hoon shahid afridi “.

    After getting gigantic success we come to the year 2014 .In 2014 there is another list of movies which was released .

    1) Jalibee

    2)Na Maloom Afrad

    3) Operation o21

    4) Dukhtar

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  • But the important thing i noticed in film “Jalibee ” and ” Na Maloom Afrad ”  Main Hoon Shahid Afridi ” an item numbers showed ,which threw away very bad impact on viewers .Minority people stimulated those item numbers ,But majority didn’t like and invigorate an item numbers  .Because in those movies dressing of item girls   “Mehwish Hayat “  and Zaly Sarhadi ”  was very vulgar .
  • After the view of 2013 and 2014 and the astonishing success of those movies Can you say that ? Is the item numbers success story of Pakistani films or not ??Not by the public point of view but also the Television celebrities Commented on these item numbers .They said that our directors showed such things which threw away very bad impact on young Generations

    Hamza Ali Abbasi Talked About The Item Number Controversy

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  • In my point of view ,releasing of these type of movies actually the copying of Indian Movies .This is not our part of culture which they are showing ,From these item numbers  directors are promoting salacious ,smutty ,offensive societyBut the point is that ,Our people really like or dislike these vulgarity .The answer is may be yes or may be not .But You can say that may be yes these vulgar movies are success story of Pakistani Movies .

    But i want to ask these Film makers .Why they are copying Indian Stuff ,However they have ability to Make good stuff not copying stuff .They have their own identity ,they can make movies on Good topics .

  • Now Come to the year 2015 .On Eid-ul-Fiter “Bin Roye” and  “Wrong No” was released .“Bin Roye ” hum films and based on  Famous and Fabulous writer  “Farhat Ishtiyaq ” Novel “Bin Roye Ansoo”.This films is getting much attraction to the viewers ..and another film ” Wrong No ” which is also good films but it’s getting lesser attention to the viewers because of item song and ribald dialogue .wrong-no-14-370x240

    Now Come to the month august .there are new list of movies which are going to be release on 13 August ,

    1) Moor

    2) Dekh Magr Pyar Sy

    3) Yalgaar

    4) Shah

    We hope so that these movies will also get people’s attention and get more and more amazing success ,they will do good business on ” Independence Day ” .these directors ,producers will rise Pakistan’s name all over the world .

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