“Independence day”  is  just not only to celebrate as an occasion ,not to wear new dresses ,not just to attend Independence day functions ,not just to listen National songs ,not just to capture pictures and post on social media,not to show people that How much you celebrate this day .

On 68th Anniversary of Independence Day .If we ask Question from ourself.What did we give to this Country ?What are we delivering to this Country ,from which our country  progress ? We are in our own  profession how much honestly work  are we doing for this  country ?Youm-e-Azadi

In this Era if we examine the ailment of our country ,so we perceive that Pakistan is suffering from various impediment.Pakistan has been deteriorating from very detrimental terrorism for the last 20 years.Indian has been involving in those terrorist attacks for the last 20 years ,which happened in different cities of Pakistan ,in those terrorist attacks thousands of unimpeachable people died .

Apart from  all those extremist activities  which Indian Government did and to know  that India is a menacing enemy of Pakistan ,So why some folks of Pakistan support them ? Why do people listen Indian songs ? Why are they compassionate of watching Indian Movies,Indian dramas ? Don’t Our Country’s people aware of all those zealot vigorous actions of Indian Government ??

In strenuous enigma ,it’s very  unchallengeable for Pak Army  to  inaugurate peace in those areas of Pakistan ,where monumental amount of casualties happened .

Now question raises that Why did Pakistan reach at damaging verge of edge ?? They stabbed in their own Country’s back .They are reprobate of their own Country .The success in establishing peace was only possible ,when good government governs the country and honest leadership of chief of Army ruled the Pak Army .If we say there was a big hand of Pak Army  in substantiate tranquility ,so it’s not wrong .

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After 16 December  2014 Army Public School attack ,150 innocent students martyred.Terrorist killed   irreproachable children very brutality .Every person of Whole nation was very gloomy .But in  the starting of 2015 and till now every citizen saw a good change in decline in terrorist attacks in majority areas of Pakistan .Our Pak Army Got succeed in establishing and maintaining peace .

 Apart from this we found that our young Army men always give his hand to this beloved  Country .In every difficult situation they always  alleviate people ,either in flood ,earthquake or in  any inconvenient incident .But the fact is that our some media personalities and Political wings discourage them .They are always against them .Actually they don’t want to see prosperous Pakistan .

As a Pakistan we aren’t doing such thing for our Country ,which can bring prosperity in our country .We can at least support our Pak Army as a patriotic Pakistani citizen .We should always encourage them .

  As a Good Pakistani ,if we look at our selves .Every person in his/her profession either He/she belongs to any profession .For Example he/She is a teacher ,doctor,lawyer ,generalist ,anchor,reporter or they belongs to any government institution .Their responsibilities are not just only to do work or earn money .Their responsibilities are, are they  earning  money from good way ?Are they earning very honestly ?Are not they giving bribe or taking bribe ?.Every Person if he/She works dishonestly in their profession ,they are not patriotic  to their country.

In this Modern Era of media,there are many private channels .But few channels are working patriotically .Most anchors are not doing honestjournalism   ,few anchors are doing very appreciative work like “Mubashir Luqman ” ,” Doctor Shahid Masood “, ” Ahmed Quershi “.They are doing very responsible journalism  .

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As a respectful citizens ,this is our responsibility that ,to raise awareness in people that Indian who is a big enemy of Pakistan ,it can’t be our good friend so we should do such things .

  • We should strictly boycott dramas,Movies all Indian stuff
  • As a Pakistan we should raise awareness in our Country by writing articles about Patriotism .
  • From this awareness ,Curiosity will develop in people to do patriotic work ,and responsibility will augment in people for their beloved Country.
  • So Be Patriotic ,Because it’s all about our Country’s safety

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