Mostly people   of Pakistan,actually don’t know that .


Manto ,the real name is “ SAADAT HASSAN MANTO “.

Saadat hassan Manto was a Pakistani short story writer and Screen play writer ,He was born in samrala ,Ludhiana district on 11 May 1912.He was a popular short story writer of the Urdu Language .He was superlative writer of all the time 

Early age

His  peculiar  work  corroborate his hard , messianic and  vehemence work  matchless,he kept written day and night because he had belief ,confidence, credence and conviction to his self .These tools of self assurance took him to his doom .One day came in his life which was proven for his career as a turning point of his success.This turning point came in his life in 1933 when he was at age of 21 ,when he met ” Abdul Bari Alig” , a scholar and polemic writer .

He translated famous English writer Victor Hugo’s  novel “THE LAST DAY OF CONDEMNED MAN “

which was published by urdu book stall ,Lahore as Sargasso-e-Aseer ( A Prisoner’s story ) .Later he joined editorial staff of masawat .In february 1934 he graduated from “Aligarh Muslim University” and soon got Writer’s association which was known as “Indian progressive writer’s Association(IPWA) .

After joining that Association .He met Ali Sardar Jafri. and learnt more techniques of writing ,he wrote his second story which named as “INQLAAB PASAND ”  which was published in Aligarh magazine in 1935 .

Along with writing on different topics he also wrote scripts for Hindi films like “Kishan kanhaya ” and ” Apni nagariya ” .

After this struggle in  his career. On  26 April 1939 ,he married to Safia .Tim by time he became intellectual writer ,He also wrote plays for radio .His famous radio plays are

  • Aao(COME)
  • Manto ka drama(Manto’s Drama)
  • Janaza(funeral)
  • Teen Aurten(three women)
  • Dhuhan(smoke)

His collection of short stories ,a mixture of Afsane and Drame   inspired not only his country’s people but also Hindu writers .In end days he deteriorated from very overwhelm   financial problems .In very young age he looked very hoary ,his complexion became pale and his hair turned grey because of  alcoholism .He died on 18 JAN ,1955  at very early age .On JAN 18 2005 ,he was awarded nishan-i-imtiaz by the Government of Pakistan .

From his whole life we learnt that if we have self-assurance ,self-possession so we  can get our doom by facing any difficulties or troubles.

As we are observing many Pakistani movies are releasing in every month .We saw 6 movies hace released in August ,2015 .Two on Eid-ul-fitar ,Two in mid of August and Four on Independence Day and almost all are getting remarkable success .

Another movie will going to be release on Sep ,2015 ,which named as ” MANTO “

As i already delineated you about Manto’s life .This film based on famous Pakistani short story writer “SAADAT HASSAN MANTO “.This film acquaintances about manto’s life .

Now we perceive that ,day by day our directors ,producers ,writers are precipitating and doing very unique work for reviving of their industry .Manto is the new face their work hard ,Making of these type of movies based on  Famous Pakistani personalities actually to show all over the world ,there are lot of famous personalities including Writers ,singers ,Cricketers ,boxers ,philosophers and authors which were very well-known because of thier serving ,great achievements for their beloved country .

Manto ,the film euphemisms the beauty of Pakistani writers .he was not only writer but also very good artists ,drama scripter and film scripter .

This film,not only explains just a writer’s life ,also explains a Muslim culture ,tradition,language before partition and the era’s of 20th century .Manto film emphasizes 

“How is the writer’s life ??”

From passing many difficult roots ,they get their attainments and goals .

Sarmad Sultan khusat are playing Manto’s role ,this film directed by khusat himself ,produced by Babar javed, written by Shahid Nadeem. It also rendered his relationship with famous singer Noor Jehan .

This film will going to be release on 11 sep 2015 after sixty years of Manto’s death .

Leading Cast of film  are :

  • Sarmad Sultan Khusat as Manto
  • Sania Saeed as Safia /wife of Manto
  • Saba Qamar as Noor Jehan
  • Mahira Khan as Madaran/Jugular
  • Shamoon Abbasi as Talochan Singh
  • Faisal Qureshi
  • Hina Khawaja Bayat
  • Nimea Bucha
  • Savera Nadeem
  • Adnan Jaffar
  • Nadia Afghan
  • Irfan Khusat
  • Afraz Rasool

After view of this we hope so this movie will hit the cinema and win many hearts .People will appreciate this type of work because this fils is very unique and different from comparison of other movies .


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